We Got Fujita KN9003 Massage Chair For Our Office

Fujita KN9003 Massage ChairThe Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner may just be the one most people is looking for.  Other massage chairs before this Fujita unit have pretty much the same features.  With this one, we have new features:  sync movement design, body stretching massage Thai style, the use of infrared to scan the body and a massage stroke that sways the pelvis.

Product Features

Let’s talk about these new massage chair features from the Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner unit.

  • Zero Gravity – Since this is also a feature of this unit, let us briefly describe it and perhaps, there is also some kind of difference.  With this feature, reviews are saying that users’ bodies are moved first to a very comfortable position.  They say this is the least stressful of all positions during massage chair operations.
  • Sync Movement Design – This feature allows synchronized movements of the backrest and the armrests.  The basic principle here is the design they call fall-to-sleep.  Push a button to lower the backrest and the armrests will also

Homeschooling Ideas For Parents

homeschoolingI’m still wondering if I can get some of you, homeschooling parents to tell me what “Back to School” means to you.  I have at least one homeschooling parent who is going to guest post and I would love to have more.  And, if your child goes to public or private school, wears uniforms or has to buy a long list of supplies or simply just boards the bus on the first day, tell me what “Back to School” means to you as well.

I’m looking for tips to make the process smoother.  I”m looking for ideas on how to manage bedtimes, wake up times, books, supplies, lunches, curriculums, teachers, administrators, program heads, group learning…all of that.  This is a good time to share all of your fresh ideas so that maybe someone else can pick up something that might work.

Being a newbie at the whole back to school thing, we have done it only once, I’m going to share a couple of things I heard in a chat last night about starting back to school.

Here’s what some

Our Mission:

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for children and youth to develop their sense of belonging, self worth and potential through the friendship and guidance of mentoring.

Serving Chilliwack, Agassiz/Kent, & Hope, BC Building futures through friendship since 1969.

“Our match is perfect! Even after five and a half years there is no sign of us stopping – it’s funny to call him my Little Brother when he’s taller than me now.” Barry – Big Brother

“I can’t say enough about my Big Brother and what it means to have him in my life.” Aaron – Little Brother

“Can you give this picture I coloured to my Big Brother when I get him?” Tyler -9 years old on the waiting list for a Big Brother for almost 2 years.

“I look forward to going to the school for an hour and building stuff with the Lego. My Little Buddy is usually watching the clock when I go to get him. It’s a nice break in my work week!” David – In-School Mentor

“As a single parent, the weekly visits give me

What IS Happening Now

Bowl For Kids’ Sake

YouTube Preview Image
We are inviting Bigs, Littles and Parents to bowl, or to help out, at this important fundraiser. Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8 are the days set aside for BB/BS. We encourage everyone to help support your programs by raising pledges, but there is no minimum required for Bigs, Littles or Parents. Help us get the balls rolling! Register today!

BGAS Running Event

Join as for quick run in June 7. Sponsored by Workout Gear Lab – site that revies best workout equipment including but not limited to crossfit shoes, running gear and more…

BBBS Skating Event
Join the other Bigs and Littles at Twin Rinks for some skating fun! Saturday, January 31st from 7-9 pm. We’ll pay the bill. Anyone planning to attend should let the office know.

Leisure Centre BBBS Swim
Join the other Bigs and Littles at the new Leisure Centre – play and swim in the waves! Sunday, February 11 5-9 pm. Folks who intend to be there, please contact the office.

Kids needing to be matched – 25!
We …